Michelle Morgan

Yoga Instructor

My Story

I am excited to begin sharing the benefits of yoga with individuals who are thinking about starting a yoga practice, and just do not know were to start. . I have been practicing for 10 years, for the last three years I have been investing more of my daily time to my yoga practice enjoying the benefits I’ve received. Stress is part of everyone life, its unavoidable, and what yoga has provided me is a healthy outlet in learning how to focus my mind on myself and my capabilities. I realized as I continued to practice in classes and with other instructors, I want to help others to feel what I was feeling, and the desire to teach others about the practice of yoga. With my practice I am more aware of who I am, what I want to become, insight into my body, my needs and how to cope with the stress of life. I am passionate about gaining more knowledge,intuition and wisdom to provide that in my journey as an instructor. I believe yoga is a tool and a lifelong process that can work in tandem with our crazy lives to create a balance that we so desperately need. Yoga made a believer out of me, and I truly want to make believers of others. There is nothing to loose, only everything to gain.

  • I have experienced the benefits and changes within my health from my yoga practice
  • I understand and have experienced the use of yoga for stress relief
  • I am passionate about teaching what I have experienced
  • I am a registered nurse by trade and have the instinct to care and help others
  • I am dedicated to continue to learn and bring that learning to others.
  • Insured by www.hpso.com, certified in CPR and a registered nurse BSN, MBA

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