As part of my 200 hour yoga training I have to complete a 30 day meditation Journal, I will be using my blog to record education, knowledge and experience about Meditation. I include breathing, guided imagery, and silence in my yoga teaching. However, I need to learn more and I am intrigued in what this practice can do for you and myself. I have listed 10 inquiries and what I will be writing and journaling as I explore the practice of Meditating. The goal is to give you some information for you to start your own thinking and give you some guidance in how you can begin to learn and use meditation in your own life.

Here are items that I will be diving into as I get started

  1. First I am going to start by googling and learn some history behind meditation.
  2. Second, read a book or two, (or skim for good info) by some top meditation teachers
  3. Third, research the diverse types of meditation.
  4. Fourth, check out you tube for some guided meditation, and practice
  5. Fifth, participate in a few meditation classes
  6. Sixth, what types of education do those that teach meditation have
  7. Seventh, practice meditation on my own
  8. Eighth, get some answers on mind expanding retreats (is it safe, what have people said about it)
  9. Ninth, explore what have I discovered about myself
  10. Tenth, review and discuss the benefits and what I learned, and perhaps create a regular practice of meditation.

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