Yoga is the practice of acceptance. It is not judgemental, it does not boast and it is not competitive. I began yoga with some home DVD’s Many years ago and I am excited to be continuing my practice and now sharing with others about yoga. My focus as an instructor is to focus on the beginner and to make those that are apprehensive about yoga to start in learning the basics. Yoga can be intimidating like any exercise or walking into a gym for the first time. I use to be one of those people. I had to start somewhere and as yoga began to become more popular I have found there are many ways to get started with yoga. For me I started in a local yoga studio and begin to take different classes to find out what types of yoga I enjoyed. One of the things I fell in LOVE with is each time I saw an improvement in my flexibility, or I could ease into a pose a little easier.  Yoga really clicked with me which took me lots of practice is the use of my breath with the movements and how I could really feel the difference. One of the immediate benefits that I experienced was the decrease in back and shoulder pain I had. I also felt better if I had been having a bad day. My goal and mission is to teach the basics so that if someone is thinking of going to a class they have some information and some basic poses in their back pocket.

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