Meet Michelle

When you learn to Bend, the world bends with you.

Learning to Bend Yoga – Instructor Michelle Morgan


Experience a source of newfound energy

Bend as the trees do with the storm, become rooted within yourself and build strength for whatever we may endure.

Michelle is an awesome yoga instructor who adapts to all levels of ability and experience. She takes time to learn a little bit about each person in the class, where they are that day and in their practice. For beginners, it's often times intimidating to walk into a class, but I have seen Michelle work with those new to yoga and some who haven't been in a long time. She goes out of her way to make them feel comfortable and at ease. Not only does she meet her students where they are, but she is also a very caring instructor. It is apparent at each class that Michelle cares about you and your yoga practice!

Melanie MartinMichelle cares about you and your yoga practice!

I am a workaholic. I create software for new products which take many extra hours of work each week. I try to charge my battery every week. A few weeks ago, I was invited to a yoga class by Michelle Morgan of learning to bend yoga. I am a very clumsy person, and had never tried yoga before. I was totally blown away by her beginner class at ...exercise place... I had tried a couple of other classes and I was always loosing my balance and not able to keep up with the instructors. But this class was different...I was able to totally relax and didn't feel stupid or clumsy buy totally relaxed and had never done that before. Michelle gave instruction that was easy but I also stretched many areas of stress in my body, and have never felt that relaxed in my life ever. Her voice is soothing and tranquil and made me want to learn more yoga.

Steve ShiremanHer voice is soothing and tranquil!